Wake up for Breakfast!

Caroline Gayle
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This Course I wrote while teaching in London. There were so many students coming to school without having had a breakfast so I decided to find out why and wanted to know what I could do to encourage my students to have a healthy sustainable breakfast, while also learning about its benefits. Much of the information in the Course came out from the many discussions I had with my students and some research.   

As a bonus I have some vegan plant based recipes that they enjoyed making and I hope you will too.  I've also added some PDF tasks for your students to do after each Lesson.

By the end of this Course learners will be able to . . .

  • Recognise the reasons students don’t have a breakfast.

  • Differentiate between a sustainable breakfast and a high calorie one.

  • Be able to explain the benefits of having a breakfast.

  • Formulate methods to prepare and plan for a breakfast each morning.

  • Collect data, interpret and analyse outcomes.

  • Develop their practical cookery skills and demonstrate ways to create interesting breakfast recipes.

  • and many more benefits which can further be achieved upon completing the assignments after each Lesson.

    Here's what we will cover.

Introduction: Meet your Teacher

Lesson 1: A Typical Morning Before School 1:55

Lesson 2: Why Don't Children Wake up for Breakfast? 2:52

Lesson 3: Ideas and Solutions 10:35

Lesson 4: Breakfast Benefits part 1 3:26

Lesson 5: Breakfast Benefits part 2 2:47

Lesson 6: Technology and Social Lifestyles 4:51

Lesson 7: Vegan and Plant Based Recipes 7:52

7 PDFs

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'Wake up for Breakfast' Module has Video Lessons and downloadable PDF workbook and Tasks

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Wake up for Breakfast!

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